Celebrate 60! Alaska & Joe, both born in 1959!

Full Brochure & Itinerary

View the complete brochure with preliminary itinerary. 

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Welcome Email

Welcome to the Celebrate 60! tour!


OPTIONAL Travel Insurance

 Information about Travel Insurance 

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Shore Excursions

This email provides instructions for selecting optional shore excursions through Princess Cruiselines.

Instructions & Information

Booking Your Flight

Follow these instructions carefully to book your flights.


Princess Cruises FAQs

Questions about what to wear onboard, dining, your onboard experience and more are answered on the Princess Cruises FAQ webpage.

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Final Travel Packets

This document contains information about your Final Travel Packet: what is included, when and and how you will receive it. 

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Military Benefits Offered by Princess


Princess Cruises offers free onboard spending money to the brave men and women of the military. Read more for details...

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A Message from Joe

Joe sends his greetings and talks about the trip.


Onboard Gifts

You may purchase onboard gifts and gift cards for friends, or your friends and family may purchase them for you. Read the details.


Passports and Photo IDs

You will need a passport or photo ID for your Princess cruise. Read details for requirements and instructions for sending the information to Perform International.

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Hotel and Transfer Information

This document provides information about your hotels and transfers to/from the airport to the port and your hotels.


Luggage Guidelines

This document outlines the amount of luggage and sizes that your are permitted to bring. 

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Traveling with Medications

This document covers TSA requirements for flying with medications and liquids.

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Rehearsals & Performances

Preliminary information about rehearsals and performances. 

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Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Information about food allergies and dietary restrictions for group meals.

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Music List & Information

Music list, ordering information, performance attire and more.

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Link to Audio Files

Hear and download recording of the music for your tour.

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Princess Boarding Passes, Luggage Tags, Internet & Cell Phones

This document provides instructions for printing your Princess Cruises boarding passes and luggage tags. It also includes information about internet and cell phone usage onboard.

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Cruise Gratuities, Local Tipping and Spending Estimates

This document will provide information about cruise gratuities, local tipping, and spending estimates for meals in Seattle that are not included.  

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