Comments from travelers...

David Dorrell


Traveling with you on your journeys gives a choir a chance to sing in incredible venues, centuries old buildings, sacred places like the Vatican, or the American Cemetery in Normandy, just to name a couple that I have experienced, and you and your wife are charming hosts for the trips.  

Judy Smith


Journeys with Joe is so special. What a wonderful opportunity it is to sing in the most beautiful venues imaginable, to travel with other singers, and to visit remarkable historical sites. And all this is in a program exceedingly well organized. Kudos!  

Jeanette Kuhns


I just went on my first Journey With Joe trip (The Wonder of Spain 2017). I had a wonderful and memorable time in Spain. It was a trip full of exciting one-of-a-kind experiences. We didn't just look at scenery and artifacts. We had transcendent moments. We sang our last concert in a space I will never forget. Thanks to everyone who made the trip so special.  

Sandra Shrimpton


We have many wonderful memories of this trip (Celtic Crossing 2014). Loved being with Joe and his family, having Don Shrimpton as accompanist and singing with a super group of people.  

Brad Nix


Pattie and I just returned home from a trip to the United Kingdom (Sterling College 2014) with 19 Sterling College students, alumni, and the incredibly-talented Joseph and Sue Martin. While we were there, we sang in beautiful venues, saw awe-inspiring sights, ate great food, and had fantastic times of fellowship. In short, the trip was a BLAST! Thanks to our choir for their musical, personal, and spiritual excellence, and thanks to Joe and Sue for being such marvelous and thoughtful hosts. 

Terri Wiseman


The American Tapestry Choir adventure to Ireland June 26-July 5, 2014, was another musical highlight for the singers from 11 states. Joseph Martin was a wonderful director and leader and Krista Montgomery kept all the details flowing well. We were blessed with beautiful weather to see amazing places in another country.  

Donna Foster


Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful (10+ on the goose bump meter as Joe would say) memorable music experience at DAR Constitution Hall in DC.